Information About Tool Kits

THE LEVEL 1 TOOL KIT has a variety of toolkit options. The tools and material needed for the course are:

  • ETA 2801-2 or similar manual wind movement.
  • Movement holder such as the Bergeon No 4040,
  • dust blower,
  • screwdriver set with nine sizes (0.5 to 2.6 mm),
  • #2 tweezers,
  • #5 tweezers,
  • 4X and 10x loupe, or Optivisor
  • 2 covered compartment parts trays,
  • 2mm pegwood bundle,
  • Pithwood buttons,
  • Rodico cleaning putty,
  • Movement cover, and
  • Box of watch paper.

The choice of loupe is a somewhat personal choice. For those who use eyeglasses for close work, loupes which clip to eyeglasses are a good alternative, non eyeglass wearers the traditional "in the eye" loupes work. The Optivisor (and similar products) will work with or without glasses, and have the advantage of providing binocular vision (at least at the lower power).

Note to students who plan to case their watch there are a number of additional tools that are of use:

  • Pin Vise,
  • Caseback Wrench,
  • Case vise,
  • Hand setting tool,
  • Hand remover (Presto #6 recommended or #6 and #1),
  • Springbar tool.
  • Case Cushion,
  • Stem Cutting Pliers.


Please see for the latest options in Level 2 tool kits.

The Required Kit

  • The movement you will work on (ETA 2836-2 (day/date) or 2824-2 (date));
  • four hand oilers;
  • Moebius Syntalube 9010;
  • Moebius 8141;
  • Moebius D-5;
  • Glissalube 20;
  • PML grease;
  • four-cup metal oil stand (FB-914) ;
  • one 23mm cleaning basket;
  • one package (two bars) of Rodico cleaning putty. 

Cleaning Fluids

Cleaning fluids are not supplied as part of the standard kits from However they are required. We strongly recommend that you use solutions specifically formulated for watch cleaning:

  • L & R Extra Fine Watch Cleaning Solution;
  • L & R Ultrasonic Watch Rinsing Solution

You may substitute Stoddard solvent, VM& P naptha, trichloroethylene, or denatured alcohol as a cleaner and rinse, and these may be available to you locally. 

Fumes and flammability make these substances very dangerous and they should be used accordingly.  Note that many of these substances (specifically alcohols or trichloroethylene) will deteriorate the adhesives and shellacs often used in balance spring studs and collets, impulse jewels, and pallet jewels.  Exposure of these parts should be very brief followed by drying with the blower.

Watch cleaning and rinsing solutions (which are flammable) may not be shipped by air.  Within the USA, they can be shipped UPS Ground Service.

You will also need need suitable containers for cleaning in, 100-500 mL Pyrex beakers work well, as do wide-mouth one-pint canning jars.

Optional Items

  • Moebius Syntalube 9020 (replaces 8141 on some train wheels, but 8141 still required);
  • Moebius 9415 (replaces 9010 on pallets, but 9010 still required);
  • mainspring winder;
  • pin vise set;
  • ultrasonic cleaner;
  • extra cleaning baskets (for a maximum of three or four, including one 16mm);
  • #2 tweezers (second pair in addtion to the pair in the level 1 toolkit);
  • #1 tweezers;
  • Sharpening stone
  • demagnetizer;
  • electronic timer;
  • 18X loupe. 

Selections and prices are available at on these items. Also if you plan to case your Level 2 watch see the list of recommended tools above.


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